Increased Rate Of Electrical Energy

Electrical energy requirements are increasing because electrical energy is pollution free and very easy to use and also noiseless energy. The increased demand of electrical energy is a challenging task for the stability of the system. So there is a requirement of the system which is highly stable and has less loss of energy. In Sending the energy from generating station to the end user we loss near about 35 % of the total energy in different section like transmission and distribution. The loss of distribution is near about 70 % of the total losses. So there is requirement of a efficient distribution system by which we can minimize the system losses.
Radial distribution system is that type of system in which losses are less and energy supplying is very easy because a single feeder can feed the whole system. And the reliability is not a problem because reliability can be increased by using tie-line in the system. With the help of tie-line we can supply the major place where the electrical energy is mostly required even in the faulty section. So different researches are going on RDS. In coming years RDS will replace the whole previously system because of its advantages.

Mr. Rahul