What Does B.tech In Mechanical Engineering Mean And Has In Store For Aspirant.

As the name suggests, this branch of engineering is related to machine design and its functioning. Also understood as mother to every other form of engineering, Mechanical Engineering (ME) automatically becomes the oldest branch. Since every field required some amount of mechanical assistance, application of its study is as broad as one’s imagination. Application of mechanical laws has led to many direct inventions in both ancient and modern era.

What ME includes

Concepts of Mechanical Engineering include thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, robotics, structural analysis, etc. and industries that depend heavily on engineer specialised in this branch are manufacturing units of every industry, automotive, aerospace, infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, home appliance, and what not.

Basic requirements for BTech in ME

At the very core, your interest and passion for machine and mechanics is needed. Without this you would at some point of time will lose both interest and with it your career. Remember you will have to study and work really hard to make a name for yourself which would be impossible if you are just fleetingly interested in the specialisation or have taken it just because it promises great career / money or your friends are taking it.
Secondly, PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) in your 12th standard is also a qualifying necessity for this. Once you have passed board exams and prepared for entrance exams in engineering enough to make it through the cut off marks of your preferred college, rest would become a history.
Besides this, the aspirant must have an analytical bend of mind with strong logical reasoning skills. He should also be physically strong and ready to dedicate time at a long stretch.
Fee structure of colleges could be anything between INR 30,000 to INR 2 Lacs annually. Scholarship as well as bank loan facility can be sought for this.

Roles they can look forward to filling

These engineers have not only to take care of design aspect but also the successful testing of machines based on these design. After that, they are also responsible for maintenance and manufacturing of the product commercially which means at a large scale.

The most common job profiles after BTech ME available with both private and public sector companies may sound like:
• Mechanical Engineer
• Industrial Drafting Specialist
• Machine Design Specialist
• Production Engineer
• CAD Specialist
• Quality Control Engineer

Apart from the conventional roles to fill in after BTech in Mechanical Engineering, there are several new roles introduced on the onset of modern era. With changed time, the scope of the degree has been multiplied if you dare to combine to similar studies, like Mechanical with Biotechnology, mechanical with nanotechnology, environmental conservation, etc.

What more, students can get into management career after BTech in ME to better understand the financial and marketing aspect of the product they (or others from their community) have designed.Also, they are welcomed in arena like procurement and resource management. This is especially helpful if salary is a real concern.
With this knowledge, you are ready to delve deeper. All the best!