” Re-Appear forms are available for B.Tech, MBA & BBA “

All students are informed that Re-Appear forms for B.Tech and MBA are available. Students from 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th Semester can avail the forms till 30/09/2017 after that late fee will be applied.

Concerned Faculties are as follows:-

Department                          Concern Faculty

M.E.                                            Mr Saurabh Dev (A.P.)

C.S.E.                                          Ms Vandana Dabas (H.O.D.)

E.E.E.                                          Mr Deepak Lakra (H.O.D.)

E.C.E.                                          Mr Vikash Kumar (A.P.)

CE                                                Mr Sandeep Chitosia (A.P.)

MBA                                            Mr Anil Chauhan (A.P.)


And for the students from BBA 1st, 3rd, 5th Semester, the last date will be 20/09/2017.

And the Concerned Faulty is Mr Anil Chauhan (A.P.).