It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Delhi Technical Campus this morning. I wish to congratulate each of you, for having the good sense to choose to study in DTC.
DTC puts the student at the centre of everything it does; your experience here at DTC and your success is important to each and every member of staff who works here.
Your arrival at DTC marks a new chapter in the story of your life. But this chapter is a bit different. The preceding chapters were largely written by others – your parents, guardians, families, teachers and the like. Now you will be the principal author of the next chapter – you have the opportunity to determine the direction, the plot and the tempo of your story. This can seem as daunting as it is exciting, as challenging as it is empowering. But the great thing is that you are doing something that you have chosen to do, not something that was chosen for you by others. And while you are here at DTC you will have the opportunity to learn new things, acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance your personal attributes in profound ways that will equip for life after your graduation. At the same time you will make new friends who will become your friends for life, with whom you will share memories of your days at DELHI TECHNICAL CAMPUS for many years to come.
I wish to share with you the following three advices

Up to now, most of your learning, and indeed your life, has been very structured. The objective was clear – to secure sufficient marks to get admission in engineering. Most of you here today are coming after completing your Senior Secondary school examination. But now you are entering the environment of the College where you will have greater freedom. What you have achieved up to now is now behind you and you have turned a new page which is blank and now you need to write the script. You will now be expected to be more self-reliant. You are responsible for what you do, for ensuring that you do the work that will be required of you. There will be comparatively less check up on you, you are accountable to yourself. Make sure you attend your lectures, labs and tutorials, that you do the assignments and read the material advised by your lecturers and tutors. Ensure that you make enough time for your study; develop a study plan; go to the library; use the on-line learning resources. And while we expect you to assume a new level of responsibility and please realise that you are not alone. If you find things difficult don’t run away, seek help. Part of being responsible for yourself is recognising when you need support of others. Consult your teachers and friends wherever necessary. We know that peer support contributes hugely to student success. And I also want you to know that there is an abundance of support services available to you. Most important – understand that while we expect our students to become self-reliant we are to help when that is needed. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
One of the great things about college life is the range of new experiences that will be available to you. You will have abundant opportunities to flourish as a student and as a person. At the DTC many of the opportunities are built into your programme while others are extra-curricular. Most of you will undertake co-operative education or practice placements as an integral part of your programme, ensuring that the world of learning is intertwined with the world of work. What you learn in the classroom is applied in the workplace which in turn gives you a deeper understanding of what you have learned in the classroom. I know that availing of extra-curricular opportunities is linked to high quality student engagement and success. GETTING INVOLVED HELPS YOUR LEARNING.
You have come from different backgrounds to pursue your ambitions as students. In a large institution it can be tempting to stick with the familiar and that is especially true with respect to the people with whom you associate. But it would be a lost opportunity to stick with your own all the time, embrace difference. Get to know people who are different to you. It could be someone from a different part of the country, of a different ethnicity, a different religion, who has different views to you, or who has different interests and perspectives. You might or might not change as a person by embracing difference but you will get a better understanding both of yourself and of those who are different to you. Knowing others and understanding others will help you.
I once again welcome you to this college, and assure you that we shall leave no stone unturned to equip you with best possible training and exposure so that you can shape up your career and growth for a challenging life.
I am sure that you will feel proud on being associated with us and make us equally proud with your academic excellence.