The subjects of Applied Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Environmental Studies) and Humanities (English, Economics & Fundamental Management) are basics of the subjects taught in Engineering & Technology; because the learning of these subjects is a basic introduction to further understanding of subjects taught in almost all branches of Engineering & Technology.

As Head of Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities, I invite newcomers to join the Delhi Technical Campus & take benefit of all the facilities provided by the Campus.

Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities

At Delhi Technical Campus, the department of Applied Sciences and Humanities provides excellent teaching as well as experimental facilities in core science & humanities subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, and English.

Department has its own laboratories including Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Environmental Studies Lab & Language Lab. All the labs are fully equipped and all the experimental exercises according to the curriculum of the university are performed in all the labs. Other experiments that are not included in the syllabus but beneficial for students are also done in these laboratories.

Every faculty member of the department is well qualified & experienced and imparts his/her knowledge of growing engineers.