It is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction for me to express my views about the salient features, facilities and various technological and management educational programmes of Delhi Technical Campus. Good Science and Technology is not only the principal driver of a country’s economy but also provides competitive edge to stay ahead of other countries, especially in this age of globalization. As such there is no dearth of institutes of Engineering and Management, Information Technology, Computer Science etc. in northern and southern India. Nevertheless , quality institutes are far less than required .Realizing the need and scope of quality education ,the Delhi Technical Campus has established a premier integrated campus at Bahadurgarh,Jhajjar,with state-of-the-art-infrastructure , well stocked library , AC Lab’s ,AC Seminar Halls , Tutorials, Workshop etc. The green eco-friendly campus which is one of its kinds in this region of NCR as an added attraction.

Having analyzes the causes of quality decline; the Management of Delhi Technical Campus has come out with different teaching philosophy and pedagogy to improve teaching and training of its graduates. The teaching methodology of various programmes has been designed with a view to meet the concern of industry and other employers. Secondly, while planning and preparing practical manuals, attention has been paid to practice and job training of students. Some common employable skills that include good communication language i.e. English, the global business language and personality development are such traits that are teachable in class rooms and job settings, given special attention & emphasis It may be pertinent to add here that having put in sincere and dedicated efforts, Delhi Technical Campus has come to be counted in the class of best upcoming technical and management institutes in this part of NCR. I believe,” vision without action is merely a dream and vision with action can change the world”.

I am confident that our well qualified and dedicated teaching faculty and trained lab and workshop instructors will be able to produce a well trained and equipped crop of engineers and business executives who will act as harbinger of change and development. I am sure, our value based and ethical teaching and learning will go a long way to shape the future of coming generations and serve the nation in right earnest.

With Good Wishes

Parvesh Lakra