We understand that you want to gain as much from your time at DELHI TECHNICAL as is possible, both academically and socially. The Counseling Service is here to help you achieve this when difficulties of such a nature develop and interfere with your life.

People come for counseling because of any reason that might be troubling them, although they may not know why. Counseling Service provides a confidential environment where you can explore and express aspects of yourself that may be painful or uncomfortable. Our professionals listen to students and help them in gaining their own insights and making and acting on their own choices, enabling you to work towards relating and living in a more satisfying and resourceful way.

Overcoming fear or risking exposure is another way to look at approaching a counseling centre. This can be a therapy session or a generally programmed technique to overcome the problem. The philosophy about life stays simple as all problems have solutions. Many a times we have obligations and priorities that are in a higher order than the current situation in hand. During this phase, the ignored problem grows and causes damage.

The problem can be simple like over medication, coping with loss or grief owing to personal trauma. The therapy may be recommended and regular visits would be required so that the root cause is identified in case of grief therapy. Counseling students is another professional medium to understand the caliber, financial background and support system for the child to excel in their chosen academic path.