The practical sessions are ideal testing grounds for students to apply and test the concepts. Laboratories and workshops are an integral part of the various departments of institute. Each department maintains its specialized labs, well equipped with modern equipment of industrial standards. For boosting the creativity amongst the students, challenging experiments are designed. The students give presentation on experimental work followed by open house viva in which they have to explain the findings and interpretations.

Communication Labs meant exclusively for improving the communication/Soft skills of the students are well equipped with the video and audio recording equipments, which help in providing practical training to students for soft skills. The apparatus records the actions of students while speaking or doing any activity and later the guide displays all their actions and dialogues and guides them about their core strengths and areas of improvement.

Workshops, Seminars, Guest lectures and Extension lectures:
Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Extension Lectures are conducted on all topics to provide a platform for deliberation and knowledge sharing. Best industrial and corporate professionals are brought to the campus to bring the practical and application practices from the actual working environment and give extra input to the students on the current topics as well as the topics, which are relevant to their area of specialization.


Case Based Teaching
This method of teaching is devised to facilitate the students to relate theory with the real world. The suitable cases to clarify the concepts learnt by the student are given to students well in advance to come prepared with case analysis to be discussed in the class. The discussion held for the case studies in the class encourages students to apply the concepts learnt, for problem solving/ decision making in the face of reality and develops the interpersonal skills necessary for putting one’s point forward.


Group Discussions
Group discussion makes high quality decisions. Most group communication disrupts progress towards accomplishing tasks, but counteractive communication can bring people back to rational inquiry. Group interaction has a positive impact on the final decision by coming up with a quality solution and top to all it makes students more expressive.

Simulation The technique helps in linking the concepts with their applications in the professional field. This also helps to replicate a real world situation in a classroom setting through various modes like role-plays and software based modeling. It is an attempt to provide an environment without actually using the real world resources. During this activity, the students imagine themselves in the decision-making situation and act accordingly using all the available data and theoretical models.

At periodic intervals, the students are encouraged to undertake project work in their chosen subject under the guidance of their guide faculty. The idea is to encourage students work with the industry professionals, learn and understand the culture.

Brainstorming Purpose of Brain Storming session is to

  • To introduce the practice of idea collection prior to beginning tasks such as writing or solving problems to teach acceptance and respect for individual differences.
  • To encourage learners to take risks in sharing their ideas and opinions.
  • To demonstrate to students that their scientific knowledge and their language abilities are valued and accepted.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to share ideas and expand their existing knowledge by building on each other’s contributions.

Role Playing
Problem-solving; communications; and self-awareness, these skills cannot be learned by reading any number of books, although a little didactic material can be helpful in creating an intellectual framework for the accommodative learning. Rather, the kinds of skills needed for flexible, creative, rational thinking must be exercised, practiced, and learned in a process of interaction, risk-taking, self-expression, feedback, encouragement, and, in short, Role Playing is a process which is closer to learning to swim than learning the capitol cities of the various states.

Internships In this the students are deputed to work in an organization related to their professional field and thus are trained in that organization. They usually work on a project for the entire duration. Such internships have been made a part of curriculum by the university itself

Industrial Visit
During the course students get the advantage of visiting various corporate and industrial houses and get a feel of working environment prevailing there. The visits are aimed at making the students able to correlate academics with the practical world.

Projects are a crucial part of any program so they are done by a group of students and are intended to be intensive, requiring significant efforts in planning and implementation as well as preparation of a substantial final written work product. Students are made to choose a project from their domain and asked to conduct practical and real life studies on them. Projects provide hands on learning experience to the students by making them aware how to convert ideas to implementation. They also help to boost ‘learning by doing’ teamwork.

Career Portfolio
In order to prepare the students for facing job interviews in a better way, Career portfolio is made a part of the pedagogy. As a part of this, the students prepare a file depicting their interests and achievements throughout their student life. It is divided into 3 segments viz. Academics, Co-curricular (literary, cultural sports) Personal (hobbies, community service, institutional memberships)

Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews make the students aware about the entry barrier of industry which they have to cross. In Mock Interviews, the Institute creates a virtual corporate environment for the students and virtual interview sessions are held where the students respond as their final interview day. The shortcomings are shown to students which help them to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. The Panel consists of both teachers from the Institute as well as the industry experts.

Our earnest effort throughout the year is to help students develop all the qualities lying dormant in them. The students are made to attend Personality Development Program in addition to their regular classes. The sessions are conducted meticulously by expert faculty and external resource persons who attempt to hone innate skills of the students. The different subjects which are taken up in the program are public speaking skills, listening and talking skills, presentation skills, grooming skills, social skills and etiquettes etc. This course prepares the participants to handle all kinds of interview panels with success. A strong emphasis is laid to enhance EQ of the students so that they know how to handle stress, failures and negativity in them.