16 Jun

Mechanical Engineering is one of the core specialisation in engineering and almost all the colleges maintain both infrastructure and faculty to train student in this. But what does the current job scenario says about it. Is it feasible to take up BTech in ME now when almost everyone seems to be following others and taking this specialization because someone else has some reason to choose it?

Read on.

Demand and Supply

Skills are never out of fashion or need. And when it is Mechanical Engineering we are talking about, it should be understood that the job market never has a dull moment because of the broad application of this specialisation, more when newer industries are cropping up with their set of needs to be met by mechanical engineers. Traditional manufacturing industries such as automobiles, aviation, shipping, aerospace, power plants and machinery manufacturing are always in need of skilled set of hands and brain. But newer fields like nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, energy conservation and environmental engineering are not far behind in looking for passionate mechanical engineers themselves.

Management skills added to the BTech ME would only polish you for better opportunities available with consulting firms as well as companies looking for engineer-manager.

However, there’s one thing that always remains as it is: you should be hungry enough to feed on whatever is needed to become a great mechanical engineer. Superficial interest would cost dearer in a long run. Make sure you have the passion and interest in the branch to think about jobs later, not vice versa.

Market Lookout

Global ups and down rarely affect the requirement of the market when it is mechanical engineer we are talking about, though salaries might get some hit. But the situation is never permanent as with time the economies recover and experience continues to get better making you a better candidate for lucrative jobs.

Even some global as well as domestic surveys cue towards the same fact. Being the subject that never goes out of demand, students continue to gravitate towards the course in various technical institutes across India and those who can in abroad as well.

Multiple Job Roles to consider

Not for nothing Mechanical Engineering is regarded as the ‘mother’ of every other engineering branch. The roles and responsibilities that are taken care by a mechanical engineer numerous and to some extent even countless. These mostly depend on the industry they are working for additional specialization they have mastered.
Broadly they can fall under the following categories:

  • Maintenance:Task is to ensure that all the rules, guidelines and specifications are followed when machinery is running.
  • Design:Coming up with technical drawings, either manually or with the help of sophisticated computer software is at the core of this profile.
  • Research and Development (R&D):As the name says, need-based research and planning for new machines and their constituent parts is what an ME does here.
  • Production:Supervising the manufacturing of components required to build specific machines and machine production itself is looked after by the engineer in this job.
  • Installation:Installing the machine sat the client location, fitted with right mechanical parts is the expertise of the engineer here.
  • Analysis and testing:Machines and their parts need to be analysed and tested at different intervals to ensure proper functioning at all times and a mechanical engineer is trained for just that.

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